Some Industry Endorsements

‘The combination of his conducting skills, musicianship, dynamic rhythmic impulse and not least his excellent rapport with the Orchestra, led to further invitations to work with the LSO on a number of recording projects for the record company Impuls International. He has also conducted a series of children’s concerts devised by Robert Bourton. Roderick’s ability to work quickly and efficiently has made him invaluable to these projects’.


Sue Mallet, London Symphony Orchestra Management




‘Many of the musicians have commented on how impressed they were with his professionalism and his ability to make the most out of minimal rehearsal. From an audience point of view, his presentation of the concerts was slick and entertaining’


John Wibley, Deputy Chief Executive Hallé Orchestra 1998




‘In 1996 LOE Entertainment Ltd was commissioned to produce a wide range of classical recordings to be made in London, Vienna and Prague. We were fortunate to have Mr Roderick Dunk as our conductor for all these recordings. His knowledge of the repertoire and his ability to achieve excellent results from a wide range of musicians was extraordinary. I have had many years experience in overseeing the production of classical music recordings for clients in Japan and Western Europe, and I can honestly say that Mr Dunk’s professionalism puts him in the finest bracket.’


Hiroshi Kato, LOE Entertainment Ltd




‘I have been a music producer for the past 30 years and in that time have worked with scores of conductors, from home and abroad. Roderick is, without doubt, one of the most dynamic and exciting of those, coupled with a versatility which is second to none. He is equally at home with the repertoire of the Concert Hall and Opera House, as he is with that of the Musical Theatre and Cinema’


Alan Boyd, Producer, BBC Radio




‘Roderick is a highly versatile musician. He has a wonderful ability to build successful and innovative programmes and his skills as a communicator make him a favourite with musicians and audiences alike. His range of repertoire means he is as much at home with Classical and Romantic masterpieces as he is with Gershwin, Berlin and ABBA and his professionalism and musicianship always ensures that he is a pleasure to work with’


Gavin Reid, General Manager BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra



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